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Our Story

Our Story

Drawing upon our cherished childhood memories spent upon Belitung Island's pristine beaches, where the seamless fusion of sand, stone, and waves created a picturesque scene as the gentle sea breeze tenderly caressed our faces, we were inspired to create Beach Boy Canggu Bar & Restaurant. 

As we grew older and ventured into the world, those carefree days as beach boys stayed with us, fueling our passion to create a destination that would recapture those unforgettable moments. This led us to create Beach Boy Canggu Bar & Restaurant in June 2019, an exceptional destination to relive those carefree moments of joy, laughter, and pure fun, infused with tropical beach elements.

Beach Boy Canggu offers bursting flavours and inspirations of classic gourmet food and drinks with a twist that will leave you wanting more. Beach Boy Canggu Bar & Restaurant goes above and beyond in providing exceptional hospitality. It is not solely the food and drinks that stand out, but the unparalleled service provided by the staff. Every guest is warmly welcomed, made to feel comfortable, and attended to with utmost care.


Beach Boy Canggu is a true destination restaurant for everyone with a vibrant lifestyle with great food, great drink, great hospitality at a fair price.

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Our Food

Our Food

Ranked as one “Top 10 Best Restaurants in Canggu” by TripAdvisor, Beach Boy Canggu offers an extensive gourmet menu highlighting sustainably-sourced local produce. All greens are grown organically while the fruits and roots are sourced from local Bedugul farmers. We support local farmers for their fresh fish, shellfish, duck, chicken, and pork. To ensure that we maintain our uncompromised standards, we only serve imported Meat and Scallops.

We are dedicated to supporting smaller growers, farmers, and producers who form part of a sustainable supplier ecosystem. This highlights our commitment to sustainability and supporting local communities. At Beach Boy Canggu, we firmly believe in ethical food and sourcing practices, and we strive to implement these values in everything we do.

Without a doubt, the star of the show is our rich and juicy Black Angus Steak, grilled to perfection and served with a side of mouthwatering satisfaction. The steak is complemented with mushroom sauce or black pepper sauce and served at the table in theatrical style. Another significant dish is the pan-seared Duck Breast with butternut pumpkin pure, caramelized turnip, potato confit, wilted spinach, and duck jus.


Our culinary team is committed to ensuring that each dish is crafted to the highest standards, and the Beach Boy Burger is certainly no exception. This is not your average burger, but rather an individual course in its own right, thanks to the Chef's secret recipe which has set a benchmark for beef patty burgers weighing 160 grams.


An extensive selection of umami- packed vegan and gluten-free dishes is also available.

Our Drink

Our Drink

Our team at Beach Boy Canggu has created a specially crafted mocktail and cocktails that perfectly complements the tropical weather, giving you another enticing reason to enjoy a relaxing cocktail time.

Take example our Passion Margarita - a perfect balance of sweet and sour flavor; made with premium Tequila, tangy passion fruit, triple sec, fresh lime juice, and a touch of sweet sugar syrup.


For a quick tropical escape, try Cryptonite. A refreshing mix of gin, blue curacao, pineapple, and lime, this drink is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. The velvety texture of the frothy egg white layer adds a luxurious touch to every sip. Our must-try signature that everybody loves is the Beach Boy Club; made with gin infused with vanilla, juicy raspberries, frothy egg white, tangy lemon, and garnished with delicate rose petals, it's the perfect drink to sip on a hot summer day. Sit back, relax, and let the Beach Boy Club take you on a tropical adventure.


Looking for non-alcoholic drinks? We got you covered with our selection of delightful and flavorful beverages. For a tropical taste, sip on the Batu Mejan Fizz; made with a blend of tangy cranberry juice, sweet pineapple juice, and delicious passion fruit syrup, this drink is topped off with a zesty lemonade for the perfect balance of flavors. You can also add Green Kale mocktail in your mocktail list! It combines the refreshing taste of green apples, the healthy benefits of fresh Kale leaves, and a zesty twist of lemon. Topped off with a crisp tonic water finish, it's the perfect drink for any occasion.

Our Spaces

Our Spaces

Hosting five expansive indoor and outdoor areas, Beach Boy Canggu proves to be an exceptional venue for exclusive events and festivities, accommodating up to 132 guests. The restaurant's strategic location and relaxing ambiance make it a perfect choice for sophisticated occasions such as birthday parties, corporate dinners, or other gatherings.


Drawing inspiration from the breathtaking waterfalls of Belitung Islands and Bali, we welcome you to The Waterfall area. Situated in the front garden of our restaurant, you can enjoy a relaxing and cozy atmosphere while sipping our cocktails.



As you step inside the restaurant, you'll immediately notice the laid-back vibe of the place,The Main Bar. It's the perfect spot to unwind while savoring our delicious food and tropical-inspired cocktails.



For a more spacious space, step into The Ocean area. Its semi-open design features a charmingly undulating rustic wooden roof and is adorned with an ocean blue net ornament, reminiscent of a quaint surfing village nestled by the blue ocean. This makes it an ideal choice for a relaxed and convivial gathering, whether it's a casual business dinner, a family meal, or a laidback-friendly hangout.



Set foot in The Octagon area for a more intimate dining experience that's perfect for a romantic evening. This unique space features an octagonal glass house where you can enjoy a romantic meal with your loved one. 



The Rooftop is an open-air venue on the second floor with a natural bamboo décor and a spacious event stage to enjoy private entertainment. Enjoy the breeze and the vibrant Canggu lifestyle as much as the food. The Rooftop is ideal for casual gatherings and celebrations. 

Our Programs

Our Programs

Apart from its delectable cuisine and beverages, Beach Boy Canggu regularly showcases live acoustic sessions every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

Join us in our daily happy hour, available every day from 4-7pm, and enjoy a well-deserved treat for yourself. Get 2 get 1 free for cocktails and Bintang Pilsner Beer.

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